Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

License #LMFT24238

M.A. in Clinical Psychology, John F. Kennedy University

B.A. in Psychology, Yale University

Clinical Member, California Association of Marriage & Family Therapists (CAMFT)

 & East Bay CAMFT 

I enjoy working with diverse clients, of all ages, races, ethnicities, faiths, gender identities, and sexual orientations. Throughout my career, I have helped guide individuals on personal growth issues: young adults embarking on independent living, people experiencing major life changes or losses, LGBTQ+ individuals coming out to themselves and others, folks coping with stress, anxiety, or depression, and those struggling with other life challenges. Working with children and teens comes naturally to me, as I have a deep appreciation for the joys and challenges particular to each age group.

I've been engaged in the field of psychology for my entire adult life, and even back in high school, when I volunteered as a “Special Friend” for a child with special needs. As an undergraduate at Yale University, I worked at schools and day treatment centers for students with developmental delays, autism, and other neurological differences. Before traveling cross country to settle in the San Francisco Bay Area, I served as a Psychiatric Assistant at the Yale Psychiatric Institute, a long-term, inpatient facility for adolescents and young adults.

Here in California, I worked at a few different community mental health centers and residential treatment centers while completing my Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology and then achieving my Marriage and Family Therapist license. As the Adolescent Services Coordinator at the Suicide Prevention and Crisis Center of San Mateo County, I provided crisis counseling for teens, as well as on-site interventions at schools where suicides and other traumatic events had occurred.

I took several years off from paid employment to raise my children, returning to a part-time private practice when my children were in elementary school. My private practice was located in Castro Valley from 1996 until July of 2006, when I moved to my current office in San Leandro.

Community service is very important to me, and I have spent many years volunteering for Girl Scouts, the Human Rights Campaign, La Leche League, local PTAs, public school programs, after-school community programs, and my church, among other organizations. I have been happily married since 1983.


This logo was created for me by Suzanne Pershing. I've always appreciated the yin yang symbol, representing interdependence, harmony, and balance. Adapting the symbol to show the sun in a night sky and the moon in a daytime sky suits my fondness for outdoor pursuits and colorful imagery.