Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist


Alphabet Soup


The list goes on and on! It can be very confusing to hear these types of acronyms being applied to you or to your child, followed by recommendations for various medications or other interventions. You may turn to the Internet for illumination, only to find that a wealth of conflicting information is offered.

Psychiatric diagnoses and educational designations are only a part of what informs me in our therapy work together. Who you are as a person—with all your strengths and limitations, hopes and dreams—matters more than any labels. We will explore the issues that brought you or your family into therapy with regard to each person’s unique personality and temperament. When appropriate, I will help to educate you on any relevant diagnosis or other terminology, so that you can make informed decisions on options for treatment.

The issue of medication is frequently raised in conjunction with certain diagnoses. My work with you will focus on interpersonal, cognitive, behavioral, and mindful interventions to address your symptoms, rather than pharmaceutical methods. Because I'm not a physician, I can't prescribe or recommend specific medications. If you or I believe you may be helped by medication, I'll advise you to explore that course with a psychiatrist or your family doctor. When necessary, I may consult with your psychiatrist or physician regarding any medications you are taking.

Every industry has its own “alphabet soup” of acronyms and jargon, and the field of psychology is no different. Of course, labels may affect you more deeply when they are describing who you are - your personality and behavior - rather than just naming an organization or procedure. Allow me to help you make sense of it all and to figure out which information can be most beneficial toward reaching your goals.