Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist


People find strength and inspiration in a wide variety of places and situations. Belonging to a faith community may serve as an important resource for you and your family. Perhaps you prefer to follow your own personal spiritual path, whether or not that aligns with any particular religion or tradition. You may be questioning the religious teachings of your childhood, finding that they no longer resonate with your current perspective on life.

If you feel that spirituality and religion have no place in your life right now, you don't have to read any further here. This area is not a required component of our work together, and I accept your boundaries on whether or not to approach the matter. Click back to a different page on my website—we have many other avenues to explore as we work toward achieving your goals for therapy.

On the other hand, if this topic is an interest or concern of yours, I am available to accompany you at various points along your faith journey. I have engaged in religious studies and have participated in practices from a variety of faith traditions. As a progressive Christian, I respect the wisdom that comes from a wide range of sources, and I place more value on the questions we ponder than on the answers that we may or may not receive. Together, we can explore the ways that your spiritual beliefs and practices affect your decisions, feelings, thoughts, and relationships.